ASH coordinated Environmental Appraisals to connect the Dunmaglass and Corriegarth Wind Farms to the National Grid

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc (SHE Transmission), commissioned ASH to co-ordinate Environmental Appraisals to connect the consented Dunmaglass and Corriegath Wind Farms to the National Grid.

The development involved: new 132 kV woodpole transmission lines; an underground cable; a new 275/132 kV substation at Farigaig near Torness to facilitate the connection to the transmission network; and two new 275 kV steel lattice towers.

Key Tasks

Site options appraisal

Screening and Scoping

EIA coordination and project management

Landscape and visual impact assessment


Landscape mitigation

Stakeholder consultation

What we did

ASH assisted SHE Transmission with a rigorous Options Appraisal considering environmental and technical constraints and opportunities associated with the location of the new substation and the alignment of the overhead lines.

ASH also prepared and submitted a Screening Request for the development which determined it was not an EIA development.

ASH coordinated the Environmental Appraisals  and brought in specialist ecology, hydrology and archaeology subconsultants, as well as carrying out the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment , land use and recreation assessment and planning review, in-house. 

ASH worked closely with the project engineers to develop landscape mitigation earthworks and planting proposals in order to minimise the impact of the new substation. ASH also prepared photomontages and plans for stakeholder and public consultation events during 2013.

The results were included in the  Environmental Appraisal for Dunmaglass Grid Connection and Farigaig Substation, submitted in January 2014.  

The Scottish Ministers consented the overhead line connection for Dunmaglass under Section 37 of the Electricity Act (1989) during July 2014.

Full planning permission was granted for Farigaig Substation by The Highland Council in October 2014 and ASH was retained to ensure implementation of the landscape mitigation measures.



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