Our landscape architects and environmental consultants provide project management experience and expert services in mineral extraction and land reclamation

Since our inception we have provided mineral extraction operators with an expert service in the environmental impact assessment of mineral extraction sites and advised on the design extraction, landscape design and restoration schemes.

We have brought high level experience and expertise in the technical, operational, estates management and planning aspects of the hard rock, sand and gravel extraction and processing industry. This has enabled us to provide a comprehensive service that can include site options appraisals, development design and planning, environmental impact assessment, landscape mitigation and planning application preparation and submission.

Minerals and Extraction Projects

Blanefield Quarry

ASH was commissioned to prepare and cost proposals for the restoration of Blanefield Quarry

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CBM Production Facility

ASH was commissioned to update the original LVIA and provide expert witness services at Planning Appeal

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Cloddach Sand and Gravel Quarry

ASH was commissioned to provide environmental and planning support for Cloddach Quarry

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Damside Masterplan

ASH undertook the landscape and visual analysis and prepared the masterplan

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Glensanda Superquarry

ASH provided SNH with expert advice on mechanisms for development control of super quarries

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Tom's Forest Quarry

ASH carried out a landscape and assessment in support of the application

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Tongland Aggregates Quarry

ASH was commissioned to provide environmental and planning support for Tongland Quarry

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Whitecrook Fine Sands Quarry

ASH provided environmental and planning advice for Whitecrook Quarry

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