We have been involved in the feasibility, design development and environmental assessment of new pumped storage projects in Scotland

Pumped storage schemes provide the most flexible of all electricity generation technologies due to their ability to both generate and draw electricity from the grid when the need dictates. Pumped Storage is still the only proven method of storing large quantities of energy and there is a worldwide resurgence in the development of such schemes.

As the proportion of electricity generated from variable renewable sources such as wind rises, this role could become increasingly important and may begin to include the management of longer term imbalances due, for example, to frontal weather systems.

Pumped Storage Schemes in the UK

Pumped storage is already a recognised technique for the generation and storage of energy in the UK.  To date, there are four pumped storage schemes in operation, located in north Wales and Scotland.

The earliest of these developments to be built were the Ffestiniog and Cruachan schemes, constructed in the early 1960s. The Cruachan scheme near Oban which opened in 1965, has an underground cavern power station, minimising the scale of development required above ground.

The Foyers pumped storage scheme near Loch Ness which began operating in 1974 was created through the redevelopment of an existing hydroelectric scheme.

The largest and most recent Pumped Storage Scheme to be constructed in the UK was the Dinorwig scheme in North Wales which became operational in 1984.

A New Generation of Pumped Storage Schemes

ASH, working closely with SSE Renewables and their design engineers, has been involved in the feasibility, design development (of above ground elements) and environmental assessment of three new pumped storage projects in Scotland.

ASH has prepared scoping reports, co-ordinated the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process and prepared and submitted environmental statements to accompany applications for the pumped storage schemes. ASH has also successfully undertaken consultations with statutory consultees and the public throughout the development stages of the projects. 

Pumped Storage Projects

Sloy Pumping Station

ASH co-ordinated and completed the EIA for Sloy Pumping Station in August 2009, with consent being granted by the Scottish Ministers in 2010.

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Coire Glas Pumped Storage Scheme

ASH produced the Environmental Statement for the Coire Glas Pumped Storage Scheme submitted to Scottish Ministers in January 2012.

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