ASH carried out a landscape and visual impact assessment for Tangy Wind Farm Extension

Tangy Wind Farm, located on the Kintyre peninsula, was completed in 2003 and originally comprised 15 wind turbines and associated infrastructure.

In October 2003 Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) appointed ASH to carry out the landscape and visual impact assessment for a proposed extension to add 7 additional wind turbines, taking the total for the site to 22.

Key Tasks

Site options appraisal

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Cumulative landscape and visual impact assessment



Stakeholder consultation


What we did

ASH carried out consultations, survey and assessment work during 2003-2004.

ASH worked closely with SSE to ensure that the scheme was developed to minimise adverse environmental effects whilst maintaining the engineering viability of the wind farm.

The Environmental Statement for the wind farm extension was published in June 2004 and approval was granted and construction subsequently completed in 2007.

Subsequently, in 2013, ASH was commissioned by SSE Renewables to provide Landscape Design and LVIA advice for the Repowering of Tangy Wind Farm.


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