We advise clients during the construction phase of developments and provide assistance with environmental monitoring and compliance

The construction aspects of any development may be regarded as a temporary necessity to deliver the finished works. However, environmental management can play a key role as the potential for environmental damage is considerable, even over the shortest of construction periods. 

ASH has been involved in a number of design & build (D&B) and design, build, finance & operate (DBFO) projects, concentrating on providing environmental management advice during tender and design periods and also acting as environmental managers on large/major construction schemes. 

Environmental Compliance Services

ASH advise clients on a range of matters during the planning and construction phases of developments, including:

  • Environmental design

  • Legal and other requirements

  • Construction environmental management documents

  • Setting of targets and monitoring performance

  • Setting up of site specific monitor and checking sheets

  • Training through all levels, from management to site staff

  • Emergency preparedness and corrective action

  • Internal audits and reviews of the system and performance

Environmental Compliance In Action

Sloy Switching Station

ASH was retained by SSE to ensure environmental compliance during construction of Sloy Switching Station. 

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Connagill Substation

ASH was retained by SHE Transmission to ensure environmental compliance during construction of Connagill Substation. 

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Glendoe Hydroelectric

ASH was retained by SSE to ensure environmental compliance during construction of Glendoe Hydroelectric Scheme. 

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