ASH was appointed as project environmental advisors by SSE for the Kinglairloch Hydroelectric Scheme

The Kingairloch Hydroelectric Scheme is located in the Morvern Peninsula some 30 kilometres south west of Fort William.

The 3.5 Megawatt storage scheme utilises an existing loch and supplements the natural catchment of the loch by the construction of a dam and a series of new intakes diversions from four burns. The hydroelectric scheme involved :

  • Construction of a new dam with a fish pass

  • Construction of new intakes

  • Laying of approximately 6km of buried pipelines

  • Realignment of an existing single track public road

  • Construction of a new powerhouse and an overhead 33kV line which connects the power house to the national grid.

Key Tasks

Screening and Scoping

EIA coordination and project management

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Stakeholder consultation

Environmental monitoring during construction

What we did

In 2001, ASH was commissioned as project environmental advisors to SSE. ASH managed the environmental impact assessment for the hydroelectric scheme and coordinated inputs from a number of specialist sub consultants including ecologists, archaeologists, and fisheries consultants.

ASH worked closely with SSE from the outset to ensure that the assessment findings were fed into the development of the hydroelectric scheme design, to minimise adverse environmental impacts whilst maintaining scheme engineering and financial viability.

The Environmental Statement for the Kingairloch Hydroelectric Scheme was published in early 2002 and consent was granted by Scottish Ministers in early 2003. ASH was retained by SSE to advise during the implementation of the hydroelectric scheme which was completed in 2004.


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