ASH prepared a masterplan for the development and restoration of the grounds and policy woodland

Key Tasks

Landscape design



What we did

At the time of the study, Crossbasket Castle, an “A”- listed building set in a designed romantic landscape in the countryside near Blantyre, Hamilton, was in a poor state of repair and was purchased by a developer who aimed to upgrade and convert the castle and stables into a series of flatted developments. The landscape had also suffered from a lack of maintenance and upkeep. The cost was to be defrayed by enabling development of detached houses and a nursery within the grounds. ASH’s brief for this project was to produce a masterplan which sensitively accommodated this development whilst at the same time enabling the upgrading and restoration of the grounds and policy woodland. However the developer who commissioned the study went into receivership shortly afterwards and in 2011 Crossbasket was bought by the current owners who have transformed it into a luxurious hotel, restaurant and event venue.


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