ASH provided landscape design and management for the restoration and development of Stanley Park

ASH was commissioned by Liverpool City Council to advise on the restoration and development of Stanley Park, a Kemp design and one of the City's finest parks.

Key Tasks

Historical research

Hard and soft landscape design

Monitoring of landscape and remedial works

What we did

ASH was initially retained to undertake an historic review and prepare a development strategy for the park in support of an application by the City Council to the Heritage Lottery Fund resulting in a successful award in support of the £5 million strategy.

Key aspects of the Stanley Park development strategy involved:

  • Restoration of the original lakes and footpath network
  • Modification of the tree planting structure to remove additions out of keeping with the original romantic planting composition

ASH has continued work on the project, developing and detailing the initial phases of the restoration plan, preparing contract documentation and advising the City Architect during the implementation of the contracts.

The first phase of the Stanley Park development has involved the renewal and restoration of lake profiles, edging detail and waterside erosion of this popular and heavily used asset.

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