ASH were commissioned to prepare the landscape contract for the Lewisvale Park restoration

In 1998, ASH successfully secured £285,000 from the Urban Parks Programme Heritage Lottery Fund on behalf of East Lothian Council, making it one of the 10 biggest awards in Scotland at that time. East Lothian Council subsequently commissioned ASH to prepare the landscape contract for the Lewisvale Park restoration.

Key Tasks

Historical research

Hard and soft landscape design

Monitoring of landscape and remedial works

What we did

The Lewisvale Park restoration proposals involved substantial improvements to the park. These included the creation of:

  • New walled garden and aviary
  • Two new play areas
  • Refurbishment to the entrance and the bandstand
  • Improvements to footpaths
  • New feature planting to supplement existing planting

The Lewisvale Park project was completed in 2000 and received the Musselburgh Conservation Society's Design Award for 1999. Jack Hall, secretary of the conservation society said it was a popular choice by a large majority of both their members and the society.

ASH landscape services for the Lewisvale Park landscape contract included:

  • Landscape masterplan
  • Public consultation and meetings
  • Landscape design
  • Site supervision

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