ASH undertook a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment for the proposed Melton two turbine development

ASH was commissioned by the Energy Workshop to undertake a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) for a two wind turbine development at Melton near Hull.

Key Tasks

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Cumulative landscape and visual impact assessment

Stakeholder consultation


What we did

Consent for construction of the proposed development was sought by way of an EIA application following a screening request.

Based on the scoping response and consultation with the local council a revised list of viewpoint locations and methodologies for the LVIA was agreed with the planning authority.

A desk-based study researching landscape designations and landscape character types/ areas within a set study area was carried out. Then each of the viewpoint location as well as route receptors, Landscape Character Types/Areas (LCTs/LCAs) and designations were assessed.

A cumulative assessment was also carried out, based on cumulative turbine data. The cumulative assessment assessed the  potential effects of the proposed development in combination with cumulative sites on chosen designations, LCT, LCAs, viewpoints and routes.

Although ASH has the expertise to carry out ZTVs, wirelines and photomontages, in this instance, the client carried out this work and ASH liaised with the client’s in- house graphics team regarding them creating the wirelines, photomontages and cumulative baseline figures.

Planning Permission was granted in 2013.


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