ASH carried out landscape design and landscape and visual assessment for the Wathegar I and II Wind Turbines in Caithness

ASH were appointed by Whirlwind Renewables initially to assist in the layout and design and then to carry out a landscape and visual impact assessment.

Key Tasks

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Cumulative landscape and visual impact assessment



What we did

Wathegar I is a five turbine scheme located near to Wick in Caithness in agricultural lowland backed by forestry and low moorland, 101m high to tip.

Following a successful planning application, construction began in 2012 and lasted until March 2013 when the development was commissioned.

Wathegar II is a nine turbine scheme of the same height located adjacent to the existing Wathegar wind farm. The design aimed to optimise the appearance of the development in its relationship with the existing  approved neighbouring schemes of Achairn, Flex Hill and Wathegar 1 to create a collectively simple image.

Once again ASH were appointed  to carry out a landscape and visual impact assessment. The proposal received consent from the Highland Council in March 2012.


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