ASH provided landscape and visual impact assessment for the proposed Middle Muir Wind Farm

ASH was commissioned by Banks Renewables Ltd to provide landscape and visual impact assessment (LVIA) services for their proposed 15 turbine (51MW) wind farm near Crawfordjohn in South Lanarkshire. ASH prepared both the text and supporting graphics for the LVIA which was incorporated into the Environmental Statement ahead of a Section 36 application.

Key Tasks

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Cumulative landscape and visual impact assessment



Residential amenity study

Stakeholder consultation

Public consultation


What we did

At an early stage, ASH provided information on landscape and visual constraints associated with the site and provided advice on both turbine scale and positioning within the site.

Following desk based study of the relevant planning and guidance documents, site visits were undertaken in order to identify and assess potential effects on receptors, carry out photography and prepare the finished assessment and graphics (including Zones of Theoretical Visibility, wireline visualisations and photomontages) to the appropriate standards.

The cumulative impact assessment required consideration of 70 sites at either consented or application stages and identification of 24 sites at scoping stage. The cumulative assessment included relevant viewpoints, identifying potential landscape impacts and views from key transport routes.

Alongside the assessment process, ASH also attended public meetings to engage with the local community and maintained dialogue with the Local Authority planning department. ASH also worked closely with the appointed archaeologist and provided them with necessary supporting graphics.

Since the original appointment, ASH has received further commissions to provide a Residential Amenity Study, additional supporting graphics and advice on the removal and relocation of turbines during the course of post-application consultation.

The initial Section 36 application was submitted in March 2012 with the post-application consultation and amendments completed in October 2013. The Scottish Ministers consented the scheme in September 2014.


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