Ash carried out landscape and visual impact assessments for Tangy Wind Farm Extension (called Tangy II) and Tangy Wind Farm Repowering (including Tangy III, Tangy III Section 42 Application and Tangy IV).

Key Tasks

Site options appraisal

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Cumulative landscape and visual impact assessment



Stakeholder consultation


Tangy Extension

Tangy Wind Farm (Tangy I), located on the Kintyre peninsula, was completed in 2003 comprising 15 turbines (75m tip height) and associated infrastructure.

In 2003, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) Renewables appointed ASH to carry out the LVIA for Tangy II Wind Farm: a proposed 7 turbine extension (75m tip height), taking the total for the site to 22 turbines. Tangy II was consented and construction completed in 2007.

Tangy Repowering

In 2013, ASH was commissioned to provide LVIA services and design advice for Tangy III Wind Farm: a repowering proposal for 15 wind turbines (125m tip height) to replace the 22 operational turbines. This would almost double generating capacity and give a new installed capacity of 36.8MW. The scheme was consented in June 2015.

In 2018, ASH reviewed the landscape and visual effects for a Section 42 application to alter the consented Tangy III Wind Farm from 125m to 135m tip height turbines. The scheme was consented in August 2018.

ASH also completed the LVIA for Tangy IV Wind Farm: an alternate repowering proposal for 16 turbines (149.9m tip height) to replace the 22 operational turbines. A Section 36 Application was submitted in August 2018 and a decision is pending. If consented, Tangy IV could deliver over four times the existing installed generating capacity, increasing it from 18.7MW to potentially 80MW.

What we did

ASH worked closely with SSE Renewables through the design and assessment of Tangy II, III and IV to ensure the schemes minimised adverse landscape and visual effects whilst maintaining the engineering viability of the wind farm.

ASH provided input at Scoping; carried out consultations with statutory authorities; assisted at public consultation events; undertook the landscape and visual assessment, including a cumulative assessment; a turbine lighting review; produced supporting figures; and provided post-application support.



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