ASH carried out a masterplanning and development programme for Belfast Harbour 

The overall aim of the Belfast Harbour Urban Pilot Project was to bring economic and environmental goals together by: reconciling competing interests; and creating an environment where these interests can co-exist in harmony.

Key Tasks

Route / Site options appraisal

Project brief development


Funding application


What we did

ASH, through their work on the Harbour Local Plan, developed a programme of 11 innovative projects, prepared project briefs and budgets for each one and were successful in an application to the EC for significant Urban Pilot Project funding.

ASH proposed that two attractive Victorian brick buildings should be retained and that a lake and conservation area should be created as part of the Belfast harbour network and that the whole should become a new interpretative centre in the grounds of the modernised Duncrue Street Sewage Treatment Works.

ASH envisaged that an interpretative centre could provide an important education resource and tourist attraction in the harbour and so it has proved since completion of this project.

ASH was the winner of the "100 Best Practices" Industry Award for its input into the programme.

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