ASH was appointed by Dawnfresh Farming Ltd to carry out a landscape and visual impact assessment work for several proposed fish farms located along Loch Etive within Argyll and Bute. 

Key Tasks

Site options appraisal

Seascape and visual impact assessment

Seascape capacity study


Stakeholder consultation


What we did

The proposed site developments consisted of site expansions of fish farms comprising of a range of numbers and different diameter pens as well as the addition of feed barges. ASH prepared both the text and supporting graphics for each LVIA which were either non-EIA accompanying documents to the application or as part of an EIA depending on the specific Screening Response for each fish farm application.

Following desk based study of the relevant guidance and local planning policy, consultation was had with the Local Planning Authority and SNH to confirm methodology and viewpoint locations before site visits were undertaken for site analysis and photography purposes. Baseline figures were created with a ZTV run and laid over OS mapping as well as a barge with pens model created and accurately rendered onto photomontages for visual representation of potential changes.

A Sequential Cumulative Visual Assessment was also required, based on assessing the sequential cumulative visual effect of the proposed development in conjunction with other existing cumulative finfish and shellfish aquaculture development from specific chainage points along a centred boat route through the study area.


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