ASH undertook two environmental improvement projects for North Ayrshire Council

Landfill tax credits collected by North Ayrshire Council provided funding to undertake environmental improvement projects within the area.

Key Tasks

Landscape design


Monitoring of landscape works


What we did

ASH was commissioned by the Environmental Trust for Scotland on behalf of North Ayrshire Council to undertake two projects:one at Irvine Beach Park and one at Stevenston Beach.

The construction for both projects was carried out by a local training organisation.

Irvine Beach Park Improvements

Irvine Beach Park was created on derelict land at Irvine New Town and has since become a popular recreational area for the people of North Ayrshire. The Park began to suffer from dune erosion and general wear due to over use by the public and constant exposure to wind and waves.

The aim of the project was to reduce the impacts of erosion and to upgrade pedestrian links over the sand dunes from the park to the beach.

The completed scheme helps to protect this sensitive coastal environment while still allowing the community to access and enjoy their local natural environment.

Stevenston Beach Improvements

Stevenson Beach is a local nature reserve and the only example of a fully formed dune system in North Ayrshire.

The aim of this project was to conserve the scarce natural resource and reduce erosion by pedestrians meandering through the dune area to access the beach.

The completed scheme was successful in resolving the dune erosion issues and has now made Stevenston Beach more easily accessible to the community, while helping to preserve this important local nature reserve.


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