ASH provided SNH with expert advice on mechanisms for development control of super-quarries

ASH was commissioned by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) to undertake a desk-top study of legislative mechanisms for development control of super-quarries, using  Glensanda  quarry, on the Morvern peninsula , Scotland, as a case-study. The desk study was augmented by wide- ranging discussions with interested parties to establish frameworks within which operational decisions to undertake such projects may be made in the future.

Key Tasks

Guideline review

Statutory procedures review

Development review


What we did

Research and field work focused on Glensanda, as Britain's only operational coastal super-quarry in order to establish procedures experienced by the Planning Authority and operator during development of the quarry. 

Recommendations to SNH included;

  • Using the protracted timescales associated with super-quarry planning to ensure that comprehensive and appropriate baseline studies and environmental assessments were agreed and implemented;
  • Satisfying itself on the appropriateness of agreed monitoring systems;
  • Contributing to improved development good practice guidelines;
  • Implementing wide-ranging socio-economic  studies reviewing the effects on local communities;
  • Responding to central government draft proposals; and
  • Urging central government to produce new and updated planning guidance on super-quarry development.

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