ASH prepared the planning application and EIA for the Tongland Aggregates Quarry extension

Situated north of Kirkcudbright, Tongland Quarry is a long-established site containing deposits of porphyry and greywacke which are worked for use as aggregates for concrete, asphalt and general construction. The gritstone from the greywacke deposit yields high polished stone value aggregate for road surfacing.

Key Tasks

EIA coordination and project management

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Landscape mitigation

Stakeholder consultation

What we did

ASH was engaged by the operator to prepare a planning application for:

  • Extension to the mineral extraction area
  • Relocation of a large unsightly tip
  • Landscape improvement of the quarry

Although no formal scoping was carried out, the content of an environmental impact assessment was agreed with the planning authority, Dumfries and Galloway Council. There were no issues considered to be of particular significance.

ASH commissioned a geological investigation to delineate the boundaries of the two rock types to inform an extraction scheme that would:

  • Reduce face heights to current best practice requirements
  • Minimise visual impact
  • Allow access at all times to both porphyry and greywacke

An ecological survey was commissioned and incorporated into plans for the Tongland Quarry extension, relocation of the tip and landscape improvements.

An application was prepared and submitted to the Planning Authority that was approved after the resolution of a number of local concerns.

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