ASH carried out a Landscape and Visual Assessment in support of the Application

The site is located at the operational Tom's Forest Quarry, approximately 3km north-west of Kintore, in the Garioch area of Aberdeenshire. The site comprises a quarry with an existing consent for mineral extraction and planning permission end date of 21st February 2042. It is in use for the quarrying of granite and psammite and for sand and gravel extraction

Key Tasks

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Landscape mitigation


What we did

ASH was appointed to carry out a Landscape and Visual Assessment in support of the Application for the Determination of New Conditions. Within the 5km study area, there were two sites listed in the Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes. The assessment has found that there would be no effect upon these. There were no other designated landscapes within the study area. The landscape character assessment found that potential effects upon LCAs would range from no impact to slight and so would not be significant. The visual amenity assessment found that potential effects on identified settlements, property groups or route receptors within the study area would range from no change to slight-moderate and so would also not be significant. 

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