ASH provided strategic landscape review and guidance on the development potential of landholdings within the Edinburgh City Greenbelt

ASH was commissioned by Strutt and Parker on behalf of Rosebery Estates Partnership, to provide a strategic landscape review and guidance on the development potential of five landholdings within Partnership ownership in Edinburgh City Greenbelt (EGB) and Midlothian, with a view to making representations to the Edinburgh City and Midlothian Local Development Plans.

Key Tasks

Site options appraisal

Landscape and visual impact assessment



What we did 

First, an appraisal of relevant planning policy documents and a critical review of the Edinburgh Green Belt Boundary Study; the Edinburgh Green Belt Study, and SNH Landscape Character Studies was carried out.

Next, a site survey was carried out for each site and its immediate environs in order to appraise context and setting and identifiable constraints and opportunities in order to establish their suitability for development and the broad defensibility of their boundaries.

An analysis of each site’s potential for housing development was then carried out, taking into account the following:

  • Planning policy & guidance
  • Landscape character areas
  • Environmental designations
  • Site characteristics
  • The potential for landscape mitigation measures

Finally ASH outlined the landscape and visual case for the removal of each site from the Edinburgh Green Belt, if considered appropriate, in support of the Main Issues Representations.

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