ASH were asked to evaluate the potential of housing sites as part of the Perth Landscape Capacity Study

In response to Perth & Kinross Council’s reappraisal of its housing policy in relation to the emerging Local Development Plan (LDP), a number of potential housing sites were identified, including the proposed ‘Almond Valley Village’ (AVV), as included in the Local Plan and promoted by the Pilkington Trust. Other potential development sites were also identified, including a neighbouring area promoted by a competing developer, and favoured by the local council as its preferred option.

ASH were asked by Savills, acting as agents for the Pilkington Trust, to evaluate the potential of both areas.

Key Tasks

Capacity study

Site options appraisal

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Stakeholder consultation


What we did

Although the client had obvious reasons for promoting its site, ASH’s role was to remain impartial and report back on its objective evaluation. ASH’s analysis would be considered by the local council when finalising its LDP.

Bringing a balanced view to the study, ASH were able to demonstrate that the proposed AVV would indeed be a better site for new housing than the neighbouring options in contributing towards fulfilling Perth & Kinross Council’s urgent need to increase housing supply.

The study involved:

  • Site visits to record the key landscape characteristics of both, including principles constraints and opportunities
  • A review of the baseline landscape character and landscape designations
  • A study of the visual effects that both sites might have on local receptors (e.g. nearby residents and users of local routes)
  • A review of the local planning policy context and to what extent both sites would contribute to fulfilling local planning objectives
  • A critique of the capacity study written for the other site

The study was carried out by ASH’s experienced landscape architects, focussing not only on the relative merits of each area in terms of unit numbers or satisfying local planning policy objectives, but also in relation to the wider context of Perth’s urban form and its links to the countryside (i.e. containment within existing settlement versus expansion into open countryside).

The findings of the study were presented as a written report, supported by drawings and illustrations.

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