ASH carried out landscape and visual appraisals for the development of Pompey Village and Stadium

ASH was commissioned to co-ordinate an Environmental Statement and carry out the Landscape and Visual appraisals to be undertaken as part of a successful Planning Application made by Portsmouth City Football Club.

Key Tasks

EIA coordination and project management

Landscape and visual impact assessment


Landscape design


Stakeholder consultation

Public consultation




What we did

The planning application was for the reconfiguration of the Fratton Park football stadium and for the construction of 538 residential/commercial units of "enabling development" on the adjacent land to the west.

Fratton Park Goods Yard, which is approximately 1.5km east of the city centre, was developed after the construction of the London and South Western Railway in the 19th century. Portsmouth City Football Club's ground, Fratton Park, has been the home of the club since 1898.

The football stadium was to have been reconstructed over a period of three or possibly four phases. When completed, the stadium would effectively be turned through 90°. The early phases would increase the capacity of the stadium to 28,000. The design of the west stand would allow for future extension upward if required, to give an ultimate capacity of 36,000.

The "enabling development" residential/commercial plans covered an area of 2.5 hectares and included:

  • Doctor's surgery
  • Pharmacy
  • 'Work at home' office
  • Food convenience store
  • 538 apartments
  • Fitness centre
  • Multi-story car park

ASH co-ordinated and compiled the Environmental Statement and was also responsible for the landscape masterplan for the whole development, including amenity decks, squares, sitting areas, water features, petanque rink and tennis court. Work also featured external artworks.

Due to the time that has elapsed since the planning permission was granted the original proposal can no longer be built. Any new proposals for Fratton Park will require a new application.

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