ASH undertook environmental studies for the proposed increase in capacity of the Beauly to Dounreay 275 kV Overhead Transmission Line

ASH was commissioned by Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc (SHE Transmission) to undertake and coordinate environmental studies into the increase in capacity proposed for the Beauly to Dounreay 275 kV Overhead Transmission Line.

Key Tasks

Screening and Scoping

EIA coordination and project management

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Stakeholder consultation


What we did

The existing Beauly to Dounreay Overhead Transmission Line comprised a 275 kV circuit for the entire length of the route on its western side; the eastern side did not support any transmission lines between Dounreay and Ardross. The major maintenance works comprised using the east side of the 275 kV line to install a second 275 kV circuit for the entire length of the route on the existing towers.

Following consultation with both statutory and non-statutory consultees, ASH identified a number of environmental topics as requiring further investigation and consequently an environmental assessment was carried out for each. The topics included in the environmental statement were Landscape and Visual, Land-use and Recreation, Nature Conservation (including Ornithology) and Cultural Heritage.

In addition, an Environmental Implementation Manual was drafted, in discussions with SHE Transmission, detailing specific conditions relating to: the siting of working areas; the protection of species; soil management strategy; prevention of pollution to water courses; and the means by which site monitoring would occur. This information was used to liaise with, and then agree detail on, specific individual requirements in construction.

The output from these studies supported the relevant application and consenting process for the works. Construction of the project is now complete.


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