ASH was commissioned to co-ordinate the Environmental Appraisal for Melgarve Substation

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc (now Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks), commissioned ASH to co-ordinate the Environmental Appraisal for Melgarve Substation, near Garva Bridge to the west of Laggan. The substation is required to connect the consented Stronelairg Wind Farm to the National Grid. 

The proposed works involve the construction of a new 400 / 132 kV substation adjacent to the Beauly to Denny 400 kV overhead line. The substation comprises Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) on a platform with a footprint of approximately 172 m x 120 m.    

Key Tasks



Design advice

What we did

ASH co-ordinated the Environmental  Appraisal comprising ecology, hydrology and archaeology specialists, as well as carrying out the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, land use and recreation assessment and planning review, in-house.  

ASH worked closely with the project engineers to develop landscape mitigation earthworks and planting proposals in order to minimise the impact of the new substation. ASH also prepared visualisations of the proposed substation to assist members of the public and decision makers understand how the development will look in the local landscape. 

The Environmental Appraisal was submitted to The Highland Council in May 2015 and consent was granted in September 2015. Construction of the substation commenced during October 2016.

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