ASH worked as project environmental advisors for the Sloy to Inveraray 132kV Line reinforcement

As part of their strategic planning for the transmission network, Scottish and Southern Energy Power Systems (now SHE Transmission), identified the need to reinforce the grid between Inveraray and Sloy, in order to develop and maintain an efficient, co-ordinated and economical electricity supply.

Key Tasks

Route / Site options appraisal

Screening and Scoping

EIA coordination and project management

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Stakeholder consultation

Public consultation

Environmental monitoring during construction



What we did

In November 2001, ASH was appointed by SHE Transmission as project environmental advisors.

ASH managed the environmental team, coordinated inputs from specialist ecological and archaeology sub-consultants and carried out stakeholder consultation meetings.

Surveys carried out during 2002 included: habitats and mammals; ornithology; archaeology; landscape and visual; and land use and recreation.

ASH worked closely with a specialist overhead line contractor in conjunction with SHE transmission from the outset, to ensure that the alignment options considered and preferred alignment selected were developed to minimise environmental effects whilst maintaining engineering and financial viability. The preferred scheme comprised both portal and trident wood poles, as well as a section of steel lattice towers.

The Environmental Statement for the Sloy to Inveraray 132 kV overhead line was completed in 2003 and approved by Scottish Ministers in 2005. ASH was retained by SHE Transmission throughout the implementation of the scheme, responsible for environmental compliance. 

ASH worked closely with the contractor and SHE Transmission over the two year construction period, carrying out site checks, chairing monthly environmental site meetings, liaising with statutory consultees  and preparing  environmental audits.

The scheme was completed on 2007.


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