ASH was commissioned to develop plans for the on-site substation at Stronelairg

Having co-ordinated the Environmental Impact Assessment and undertaken the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment for Stronelairg Wind Farm, on behalf of SSE Renewables, ASH was then commissioned to develop plans for the on-site substation required to connect the wind farm to the National Grid. 

Consent conditions for the wind farm required further design information for the substation to be submitted including justification for its location and details on layout and materials. ASH provided this information in the form of a Design Statement.

Key Tasks

Site options appraisal

Landscape mitigation

Design advice

Design statement

What we did

ASH undertook a detailed locational study for the substation using ArcGIS, information obtained during the EIA and further site visits to demonstrate the appropriateness of the chosen location. Working closely with SSE Renewables, ASH also provided advice on the layout of buildings for the substation and undertook layout studies in order to reach an optimum arrangement of infrastructure. Because of the high elevation, the usual types of visual mitigation in the form of planting were not possible, and therefore a simple and rational layout, using the larger buildings to screen other infrastructure and parking areas was developed. The substation layout was also developed to include welfare and control facilities for the wind farm to avoid the requirement for other buildings elsewhere across the site.

ASH also undertook colour studies to demonstrate the preferred choice of colours and materials. A dark brown was chosen as being the most appropriate colour.

The Design Statement was submitted to The Highland Council in September of 2016 and construction of the substation is currently underway.    

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