ASH undertook an environmental review for the planned 132kV transmission line between Peterhead and St Fergus

In early 2006, ASH was appointed by Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc (SHE Transmission) to carry out a review of the environmental implications of constructing a new 132 kV transmission line between the existing 275 kV to 132 kV super-grid substation at Peterhead and the switching station at St Fergus in Aberdeenshire.

Key Tasks

Route options appraisal

Screening and Scoping

EIA coordination and project management

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Stakeholder consultation


What we did

ASH prepared a screening report in support of a request for a Screening Opinion from the Scottish Government, and then prepared an Environmental Report in support of the Section 37 Planning Application.

The main environmental concerns of the new 132kV transmission line related to potential impacts on:

  • Ecology and nature conservation
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Local landscape and visual amenity

ASH liaised closely with Aberdeenshire Council, SNH, SEPA, RSPB and Historic Scotland.

ASH coordinated sub-consultant archaeologists and ecologists to carry out specialist surveys, whilst carrying out the landscape and visual impact assessment in house.

Design development, site survey and assessment of the new 132 kV transmission line took place over an eighteen month period. The Environmental Report, completed late 2007, concluded that careful routeing together with mitigation measures would reduce the localised environmental effects and would not materially endanger the landscape quality, biodiversity interests or cultural heritage of the study area and its wider setting.

Construction of the scheme is now complete.

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