ASH was commissioned to provide assistance with the NeSTS project

ASH was commissioned by Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc (now Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks) in March 2016 to provide assistance with the NeSTS project (New Suite of Transmission Structures). This project aims to develop a new suite of towers for transmission projects in Scotland which provide the following benefits compared to traditional steel lattice structures:

  • Improved overhead line environmental performance by lowering visual and construction impacts; and
  • Lower overhead line whole life asset costs via reduced land, construction, maintenance and outage requirements.



Visualisations and Graphic Support

Design Advice

Key Tasks



Design advice

What we did

ASH undertook the production of a set of visualisations for display at a stakeholder event in May 2016 which allowed key consultees and interested parties to compare and rate each of the preliminary options, developed by SHE Transmission and Energyline. ASH identified four landscapes considered to representative of the typical landscape types occupied by overhead lines of this scale. Comparative visualisations meeting current SNH wind farm photomontage standards were produced for eight new designs plus an example of an existing steel lattice tower for comparison within each of these landscapes. The visualisations were produced using 3D models provided by the client and specialist software, Topos which forms a virtual rendering of the model in the landscape. Final photographic editing was undertaken in Adobe Photoshop.

ASH has been retained for the next phases of the project involving the provision of design advice for the further development of the preferred tower designs, and photomontages to enable these designs to be visualised at future stakeholder events.

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