ASH adopted a landscape approach to help identify alternative routes for the reinforcement of the Kintyre to Hunterston transmission network

ASH was appointed by SHE Transmission plc to assist with gaining planning consent for the reinforcement of the transmission network on the Kintyre Peninsula.

Key Tasks

Route / Site options appraisal

Screening and Scoping

EIA coordination and project management

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Landscape mitigation

Stakeholder consultation

Public consultation

Environmental monitoring during construction



What we did

The first phase of the works involved undertaking a detailed routeing study to identify potential overhead, underground and subsea cable routes between Carradale and Hunterston, as well as the identification of new substation site options on the Kintyre Coast.

ASH adopted a landscape led approach, using specialist ecologists and archaeologists as required to assist in the identification of alternative routes and sites.

ASH prepared a Consultation Document for issue to Argyll and Bute Council and statutory consultees, setting out the options considered and identifying a preferred route and substation site. A public consultation event was also held.

The preferred route involved a new 132 kV overhead line from Carradale to a new substation near Crossaig on the east coast of Kintyre. An underground cable connection would lead from the substation to the coast, where it would convert to sub-sea cable and be routed to the north of Arran to Portencross, Ayrshire. A further section of underground cable would complete the connection to Hunterston Substation.

To secure planning consent for the preferred route, ASH was responsible for preparing Environmental Appraisals for the above ground elements. ASH undertook the landscape and visual impact assessment and project managed a team of specialist consultants to undertake ecological and archaeological surveys.

ASH prepared the Carradale to Crossaig 132 kV Overhead Line EA and the Crossaig Substation EA for submission in September 2010. Consent has been granted and construction was completed in 2016.


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